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BJ2DESIGN is a South Coast based business that focuses on website design and web development. The Mollymook Ulladulla website was created by BJ2DESIGN.

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Responsive Web Design

When a website reformats itself depending upon the device screen size it is being viewed is what responsive web design is about. It does require more work then an ordinary fixed size website though in the long run makes the website more accessible and easier to manage then having a separate website specifically for mobile devices.

Mobile Friendly Websites

A mobile friendly website is one that works well, easy to read and navigate when viewed on mobile or tablet (eg iPad) device. The website itself can be a separate website all together from the desktop version though this would mean that you would have two websites to maintain. That is one of the benefits to having a responsive web design as mentioned above

Online Shopping Carts

If you are wanting to sell products online and want to manage the products/online shop then a website with a shopping cart and content management system (CMS) can be created with full training on how to look after the website if required.