If you are visiting Ulladulla, and you ask a local where you can find the very best seafood in a town with a several seafood suppliers, chances are they will say – “go to Lucky’s Seafoods”.   This is what happened to me.
Apart from seeking out the superior quality, freshness and huge range of the seafood sourced by Lucky and his team, it is an absolute pleasure to visit the immaculately clean shop, because the staff are so helpful, friendly, personable, and professional.   Need cooking advice on your purchase?  No problem, they can help!

Lucky’s is a family business with many years in the district.   However, a testament to the excellence of the seafood is that Lucky’s supply the famous restaurateur Rick Stein’s local restaurant at Bannisters….

This is quite an achievement considering the South Coast is a Mecca of seafood providers, and Lucky’s has been selected.  It is pretty safe to say that you will never be disappointed by anything you purchase from Lucky’s Seafoods.

Lucky’s differentiates itself also by sourcing only fresh local and Australian products.  There is nothing imported.  Lucky’s stock the best of local oysters, prawns, fish and exotic seafoods from Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Today’s melt in your mouth options might inlcude NZ Pipis, Lake Prawns, Marlin, Schnapper, sashimi grade Tasmanian Salmon and Ocean Trout, Scallops, and don’t forget the range of frozen seafoods like calamari for your cooking convenience.  Just 10 minutes walk South of Ulladulla centre, Lucky’s also has plenty of parking.

Lucky’s Seafoods

2/39 Deering Street, Ulladulla NSW 2539

T/F: 4455 6300
M: 0400 556 302

Hours: Mon-Wed 9 – 5; Thur, Fri 8 – 5; Sat 8 – 2; Sun 10 – 2